December 12, 2010

Relaxed Weekend

This is probably the one weekend in a long time in which I did whatever I wanted. No homework, no promises that I had to acomplish, absolutely nothing in my agenda.
So I went shopping with my parents. Besides food, we picked up some decorations and presents for Christmas even though we bought last week too, but I think that you can never have enough of them.
And of course I couldn't resist to take a look in a library so I ended up going with 4 historical novels, 3 volumes about Maria, queen of Romania and one about Marie Antoinette. I don't like history very much, it  has never been my favourite class, but I thought I should get out from my confort zone and try this genre.
In the evening, my dear friend Simina payed me a visit because I could't get outside because of the cold I still have. Today I had some me time. After lunch I edited some photos that I took last year in Greece. I miss that country so bad. It's definetely my favourite.

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