October 23, 2010

Looking for models

Wow, it's been almost a month since I created the last post. I'm so so sorry , followers, really, for neglecting you this past time .
School is awfull. It doesn't keep me busy right now as it does to most of my friends, I just had a few test papers. But I find those 6 hours that I spend there each day without purpose. Of course being surrounded by some of my friends it's funny and pleasent, but I could do so many things in those hours that I don't get to do now . I also have exam preparation three times a week for Dele, Cae and Ielts. But enough with the school talk.

I'm looking for some girls that wish to model for me if someone is interested. It's just for my personal portofolio so there will be no payment, I just want to experiment some new things. You don't need to have any experience, just mail me some pictures with you or your facebook profile at bitter_end@yahoo.com with the subject Model and I will contact you as soon as I can . Oh, and I forgot, I don't have the possibility to go anywhere except Bucharest, but if you can come here I would be glad to photograph you .

Now I will leave you with some old pictures I recently edited and I promise I'll post more often . Hope you have a nice weekend .



  1. 0.o de ce dai si cambridge si ielts?:O

  2. pentru ca vreau sa plec la facultate in afara si imi e ca ma razgandesc pe ultima suta de metri si aplic in alta parte, nu in uk, unde imi cer ielts-ul :D