July 31, 2010

I'm too nice , that's the problem

Last week I attended a soiree at one of my friends' house . And of course the gossip time came and during the discussion I found out that I'm considered a very nice person , too nice in some situations . 
And in that moment the reason of my frustraitions that I've been having the past few months became so clear . I'm too nice , that's the problem . I don't like to leave a mess behind me , instead I make myself miserable everytime something bad or out of place happens , whatever my fault is mine or not . Sometimes I dye inside , but no one cares , no one is concerned.
But what if something will happen ? Everyone will be sad , because everyone was my best friend , right ? Well guess what , there are few people that really earned my respect .
And of course that I'm thankful for the good opinion that people have on me , I just have to discover which people are saying what they really think and which people are just kissing my ass . Because my former best friend taught me something well . In every relashionship there is an interest in between ;  I hope not in all of them , but you must admit that the girl has a point .


  1. you know, you realised that you are too nice a couple of months ago and u had a period when you were too bitchy instead. but it didn't suit you so you came back to being nice. and this has good parts too. i love you for who you are and i'm really sorry we didn't see eachother to catch up in such a long time.

    p.s: what's the name of the song? cuz i reaaallly like it.

  2. Luiza said...

    rabbit heart ( raise it up ) by florence and the machine
    i won't be a bitch again , don't worry . i feel good about myself finally.
    and despite the fact that we don't see each other as often as we'd like , you know that i love you so much and i'll always will beucase you were beside me so many times